It doesn’t matter what level of gum disease a patient has – from bad breath, right through to a need for surgery, Muscat Dental Specialists can help.

There are many surgical approaches used in the treatment of advanced periodontitis, and a Periodontist at Muscat Dental Specialists will discuss these with you.

  • Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is caused by plaque, a film of aggressive bacteria that forms on the surface of teeth on a daily basis. If plaque accumulates it becomes hard and forms calculus (tartar) the gums react to the build-up of bacteria and become red swollen, inflamed, and the bone which holds the teeth starts to become eroded. Gum disease can adversely affect patients with implants as well.

    Our hygienist at Muscat Dental Specialists will help you create effective oral hygiene regimes that encompass the correct choice of tooth brush for you, brushing technique, flossing and use of a medicated mouthwash. Advice will also be given on lifestyle factors such as smoking and diet that affect gum health. A post treatment maintenance regimen involves regular check-ups and detailed cleanings every three to six months to closely monitor affected teeth so that early treatment can be given if disease reoccurs. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, gums that have come away from the teeth, persistent bad breath or teeth that are loose or changing position, book a consultation with our Dentist.

  • Aesthetic Gum Contouring

    If you have a low, high or uneven gum line then gum sculpting/contouring can transform this to help create a smile you've always dreamed of. By reshaping the gum we can restore the natural proportions of your teeth. There are different procedures used to achieve this goal. Simple soft tissue gum sculpting, surgical lifting of the gum in more severe cases. It is a minor surgical procedure altering the position of the gum tissue and sometimes the underlying bone, to improve the look and regularity of the gingival line around the teeth. If you are experiencing receding gums, root coverage is a procedure that can help you regain the original gum line.